Retail, Restaurant, and Grocery

Payment acceptance, card data security, controlling costs, and reporting – these are all important topics to keeping your business running successfully. Our teams will work with you to help increase security, safety, and effective business processes.

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Merchant Link

The Merchant Link payment gateway provides security and support for all card payment functions through a single interface. Ongoing innovation ensures leading-edge solutions to help reduce risk, protect customer data and facilitate accurate funding of transactions.



TrustCommerce offers a single solution to process all major electronic payment types. Its features include:

  • Recurring billing, encryption, tokenization, secure data storage, and on-demand reporting.
  • Provides support for Level II and III line-item detail for business-to-business and business-to-government clients.
  • Supports over 21 different programming languages all within one API, empowering merchants for seamless integration, flexibility, and reporting.

TrustCommerce is a registered service mark of TCSP DBA TrustCommerce.

EMV Chip Card

Virtual Terminal Plus

Our easy-to-use web payment solution is the perfect complement to the way you process payments. Virtual Terminal Plus offers the convenience to accept credit, debit, and recurring payment transactions with the advantage of reporting accessibility from any location with an internet connection. Unlike other web payment solutions, our solution supports multi-users, which allows payment authorizations from anywhere via the internet. Virtual Terminal Plus is the only payment acceptance solution you need whether you are in-store or on-the-go, so you can get paid quickly and efficiently.