Breach Assist

Protect your business from certain financial losses that can result from a suspected or actual cardholder data breach.

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Breach Assist

  • Protect

    Help shield your business from potential losses if a breach of cardholder data occurs.

  • Upgrade

    Breach Assist will upgrade your hardware and software investments.

  • Information

    Stay current with the latest issues, encryption and tokenization.


With Breach Assist, you’re provided an indemnification waiver against certain losses of up to $100,000 per breached merchant location and up to $500,000 per data breach incident.1

The program also includes up to $25,000 for post-breach hardware and software upgrades that involve investment in new payment card industry technologies such as EMV® dual interface terminals, point-to-point encryption solutions and tokenization solutions.2

1This product is offered by Worldpay, Comerica Bank’s payment processor. Worldpay is not an insurance company and Breach Assist is not insurance. Breach Assist provides a contractual indemnity waiver for certain amounts the merchant would otherwise be obligated to reimburse/indemnify Worldpay and is subject to the terms and conditions of participation in the program.

2 EMV is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries, and is an unregistered trademark in other countries, owned by EMVCo.

Mitigate Breach Related Expenses

The cost of a data security breach can vary depending on the size and duration of the compromise, but it could easily be enough to jeopardize your business if you don’t have a program in place to help with your expenses in the event of a breach.